5 Tips for Adding Designs to Your Clothes

It’s important to love the clothes you wear and how you feel in them. If you’re feeling particularly inspired to add some designs to your attire, there are ways to do that. Adding designs requires knowledge of a few techniques. If you’re unfamiliar with them, don’t worry. We know how to help you make the process easier. Here are five tips for adding designs to your clothes to create a new look you’ll love the next time you go out.

Add New Colors

Use fabric paint to design images on a jacket or shirt with a stencil or template. You could add a logo or create something new to match your style. Ensure you keep other clothing away from the paint to avoid staining them; fabric paint is machine washable but still durable.

Use Stamps To Change the Structure

Stamps are useful for more than just paper. Stamps are a great tool for leaving beautiful imprints on your clothing. If you’re a beginner using leather stamping tools, you’ll enjoy designing with a wide range of shapes and patterns to make any design.

Coat stamps in paint and press them into cloth or denim to leave a colorful imprint. Your clothes will look unique and feel great as you run your fingers across the design.

Deconstruct To Reconstruct

Create an interesting design with your clothing by removing or tearing out certain parts. The aesthetic of space in clothing is an interesting concept you could explore through your design choices. Add horizontal tears to the edges of your hood and take out the shoulders to add a special design to your clothes.

Consider New Fabrics

Fabrics are often interchangeable, and you could add different fabrics in patches to your clothes for a new design. If you have a black sweater and want to add some color, consider cutting out the elbows and placing patches of dark green cashmere for comfort and fashion.

You can use fabrics in numerous ways when adding designs to your clothes. Look for any old clothes that you can use to redesign what you plan to keep.

Use Unique Patterns

Lines, dots, and polygons make interesting patterns when combined. Consider using a new pattern for your clothes to replace the current one. The plaid lining of a fall jacket may look better with a Pok-a-dot pattern, or a sleeve with hexagonal patterns may pair better with wavy lines. Replacement could be the better option for your clothes, and it will take some experimentation to find the right pieces.


Adding designs and different materials to your clothes is a great way to understand the effects of colors, patterns, and fabrics in fashion. Finding what you want your clothes to look like post-transformation may take some time, but it’s always worth the effort when you find a design that suits you. Use these tips to help you find the additional design you’re looking for and admire your work with pride and amazement.

Lauren Wang
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