My Chanel Double Flap Bag


If you are a lover of fashion, you will be familiar with the iconic Chanel Double Flap Bag. For as long as I remember, I have been in love with this handbag. Even when I was a little girl I would sit and stare at it when it was printed in Vogue. I loved it to a degree that I would cut it out of my Vogue magazines and stick it on a pin board above my bed. My goal was to own this handbag for myself. As soon as I started working full-time, it was my goal to buy one of these bags. Back in 2012, that didn’t seem too ambitious. They were around £2,200 when I first fell in love and now the same bag can retail for almost £7,000. Getting this was my dream. Now let me share my thoughts…


Why I wanted this item.

As I mentioned above, the reason why I wanted this was because I have loved it for such a long time. I can remember seeing celebrities carrying this item and I always felt a pang of jealousy. Hence why I used to spend my free time cutting them out of Vogue and trying to manifest one of them into my life. I also found that I was trying to sublimate my appetite for this bag by wasting my money on other similar items. For example, I bought around 4 other designer bags of a similar size, but in the end I should have just saved and bought my dream bag sooner.


Where I bought this from.

When I decided to pull the trigger and buy this item for myself, I shopped around. I considered going into a Chanel store, but the thought intimidated me. Then I looked at the second-hand market. My first thought was to go to Vestaire Collective, but it was hard to judge the quality of the items online. Especially when they were still thousands of pounds. In the end, I decided that the only way to guarantee the quality was to buy a new item. So, I got the train into London, visited the Bond Street store and fluttered my eyelashes until I got my beautiful Chanel Double Flap Bag.


How much did it set me back.

Ok, brace yourself here. As I mentioned above, when I first fell in love with this it was just over £2,000. I began saving money but every few months there would be, yet another price increase and it would be out of reach yet again. When I did finally have the money for this item, it was £3,400. More than I would have ever dreamed of spending, but I am lucky that I purchased it when I did. I do have to admit that as much as I adore this bag and how timeless it is, I wouldn’t purchase a new one at list price. For a bag of the same quality, I would not be happy spending that money.


How I wear the handbag.

When I first bought this Chanel Double Flap Bag, I thought that I would only wear it for best. It was so expensive; I couldn’t imagine ever using it for basic things. But then I saw it sat on a shelf looking lonely and I decided to bust it out a little more frequently. Now I use this bag for just about everything. Even when I am on aunty duty and got my nieces and nephews, I will use this handbag. The amazing thing is that because of the heavy-duty caviar leather, I don’t have to worry about general wear and tear on the bag because I know it will be fine. It is amazing with fancy outfits, more relaxed looks and everything in-between.


The practicality of the handbag.

When it comes to a handbag like this, which costs as much as this does, it needs to be practical. Some of you may be familiar with the Chanel Double Flap Bag and how many pockets and compartments that it has. However, even though there are lots of zips to this bag, the truth is that the main compartment is the only real place of use. But because I have the jumbo size bag, it fits hell of a lot inside. I can easily get in my normal wallet, supersize iPhone, makeup and everything else that I could possibly need. I do have a smaller version of this bag and to be honest, it is a little impractical, but my jumbo is perfect.


Have I got my money’s worth?

Finally, I want to touch on getting my money’s worth out of the item. I buy luxury goods because I want to enjoy them. It is never my intention to buy a pricey piece and then leave it sat on a shelf. Plus, to make me seem even nerdier, I have an app on my phone where I log my outfits. When I do this, it calculates the cost per wear of each item. I can confidently say when it comes to the Chanel Double Flap Bag, I have more than got my money’s worth. I have worn this over 200 times in the past couple of years and my cost per wear is dwindling each time I use it. The perfect addition to my closet.


As you can already tell from this post, I adore my Chanel Double Flap Bag. For me, it was an iconic purchase and I have already worn this item so much. It is an item that will be in my closet for as long as I live. For me, this is an item that one day I will pass down the generations because it is truly timeless. I feel so fortunate that I bought this item at a reasonable price. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is still eyewatering. But nothing compared to what they are worth now. I could gush about this Chanel Double Flap Bag all day, but I will leave it here. As always, I would love to hear from you guys on this. Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you love this handbag and if you would buy one now.


Lauren Wang
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